Andrew Rothschild is a writer, director, and film editor based in Brooklyn. After graduating NYU, Andrew began his career directing and producing documentaries for Katie Couric with a focus on international human interest stories. 

With his background in nonfiction narrative, Andrew’s ability to develop grounded performances by emotionally connecting with talent has earned him praise as a commercial director, and garnered the attention of millions online; his film for Zalando, “Me. Unlimited.” which aired in the spring of  2018, received over 14 million views on YouTube.

Andrew’s talent for crafting nuanced narratives combines simplicity, humor, and endearment with a unique visual approach to each project he pursues.

The breadth of Andrew’s vision reflects the evolving nature of storytelling and is displayed in his successful commercial work for Louis Vuitton, adidas, S. Pellegrino, DKNY, W Magazine, Dior and Vogue.